The Quantum Matrix Code
Private Healing Sessions w/Dave

ATTENTION: I have recently raised my RATES…  (Now $77 for 1 hour and $147 for 2 hours)
I have done this because I can now clear in one hour what used to take me two hours.

Finding a Balance

Each layer is cleared to get the best results before moving on to the next one. The benefits of balancing your health and connecting more with your body, can be helpful in strengthening your mindset. Having a balanced mindset can help connect you to your intuition and allow you to master your internal energy. Balancing your inner energies can help you find your spirituality and inner peace… and finally, I will balance the mind, heart and gut with the forgiveness, knowledge, trust and sexual energy centers.

Session with Dave K

Hi, I”m 66 and I live in Berkeley, California. I have been practicing energy healing work for over 10 years. I am certified in both Emotion Code and Body Code. The sessions I offer include experience from all the methods I use.

Quantum Matrix Code session $77 for one hour,
$147 for two hours.

Great experiment with Dave!

April 24, 2024

Thank you so much for your time, word of wisdoms and your team guidances. I am glad that I was guided to reach out to you. I booked a free 30mins session not expecting much. But I am very impress. Dave share his wisdom and went over the 30 mins. After a session with Dave, I feel less anxious and less bothersome by my kids and their behavior. Dave energy is very nurturing,). I will definitely reach out again for another session. I have been doing the breathing exercises for heart and gut. Thank you!


Dave is highly intuitive

March 18, 2024

Everything that came up and that we worked on was spot on! I already feel clearer and more grounded. I can’t wait for my next session.

Stephanie Kaspiris

Surprised of such advanced method, and grateful.

March 11, 2024

I feel grateful and glad that I’ve found this modality and also others, with advance humans I can say in this spiritual path. I believe the challenges in our lives, and in some cases by being put in the abyss make us to reach and find such depths in existence. I still can’t believe where my journey has took me to, still feel as a dream all that I experienced and all the lands I have explored and lived in. I want to say, that beyond the dissociation or flight mode response, this is what my Spirit wanted me to experience, like nobody else in my lineage has. I feel that dots are connecting more and this is me trusting in myself, my Self, delivering my Self. As I told Dave, I come from really bad experiences with other self called “healers” in the past, and also bad experiences with men, but I believe, the difficult situations I experienced, made me realize that I have to count on myself First and foremost. Thank you Dave for your work, after this short session I have to be very honest, felt triggers and fears, but as I have also traced my own path now I was able to deliver my own energies, and command, what is what I need the most instead of listening to other people’s heads. So, after 2 days of imbalance, I am able to connect more with my inner truth. When you come from a long story of codependency, lose of the Self, it is very triggering to face the truth of your life, childhood, that it was not as healthy as you believed, but instead you blamed yourself for all the hidden stuff and lack of healing in the family. I knew it as a child and now I confirm it, so the decisions ahead can come with lack of clarity and doubt, but connecting with my higher self and grounding myself in the process.. to finally choose at each moment for my safety, and Love myself. It is fair to say that, I felt that I never fit or found myself in the country I was born, neither in the community, but finally I make sense of my being and life by meeting these modalities, and powerful human beings (and beyond) aligned with God. With God of eternal life. *

Evelyn Eternal

Awesome to share space with you

March 9, 2024

Dave’s generosity in sharing his gift is so beautiful. He has depth and understanding beyond most. Looking forward to reading “Truth Whisperings”


Great experience with Dave

February 8, 2024

Have some experience of sessions with others, but Dave really puts you at ease and makes the whole experience great. Picked up blocks that made real sense that I had all but forgotten, but can see how they are still relevant and are blocking moving forward. Would not hesitate in recommending a session with Dave and see for yourself how insightful he is. Thanks Dave, very much appreciated.

David Pritchard

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