The Quantum Matrix Code

an experimental energy rebalancing system for healing

This unique intuitive healing chart combines many resources to identify imbalances in your life. This can accelerate the trained energy worker to become even more effective. This advanced program is perfect for people already skilled in other healing modalities, as it can easily be adapted to each user and their level of experience. This system is complex however, and we strongly recommend you contact me to learn how to use the chart and the system, otherwise it may not have the same powerful effect. I developed the Quantum Matrix Code with another great energy healer, named Richard Stanley. We worked together for almost a year to develop this system to easily find and release blocks and energies that were interfering with us, with an overall plan to uplift our energies to higher dimensions. This system is free for everyone to use.

To use this system, begin on the QMC Chart page, starting with the opening protocol on the bottom of page 5. Once you have cleared anything interfering and aligned with yourself or your subject… Then use Muscle Testing to ask your higher self which page number to go to next. What section letter next, which column and row next and what number? Follow the section headings and use your intuition. Feel free to contact me with your questions.

What is the Quantum Matrix Code?

  • The Quantum Matrix code is designed to allow your intuition, or inner guide, to review the subtle energies in your quantum energy field that may be connected to the elements in the chart.
  • It can help identify where there are strengths and weaknesses that can be energetically adjusted. The adjustments are always done with a simple statement of intention that empowers the person to allow the change to occur in their quantum energy field.
  • It can only work if it is safe for both people to be able do a session safely.
  • This work can be done on yourself or on another person or animal. The energy worker must have a powerful and clear intention with minimal ego.
  • The recipient must be open and ready to change and find balance.

Is a Healing Session is Right for Me?

  • Are you open to working on your inner emotions and your mindfulness?
  • Can you see the future as getting better? Do you have a positive approach?
  • Do you have any physical, emotional or mental pain you want to release?
  • We teach you to release your own pains and issues with your own intention.

Is this the Best Method for Me to Learn?

  • Have you considered how you could help your family and friends?
  • Are you open to a new understanding of the universe? Where we are all one.
  • Healing on the Quantum level, the highest level, will heal on all levels.
  • We provide a FREE Truth Whispering course with weekly video meetings.

Request a Private Session

Meet me in a live video zoom chat lasting between one and 2 hours (recorded for you). Gain insight and understanding in any area of your life and learn to find and release your own energy blocks. Discover what you’re holding back from childhood and even past life traumas that effect your life areas today.

Join Our Community

The only real requirement is having a basic skill with any known type of energy healing or intuitive channeling work and a willingness to be open. It will be helpful if you have done some muscle testing or used a pendulum. We also find Gratitude and Acceptance to be helpful along the path to being authentic.

Study Truth Whispering

Do you want to learn to use intuitive techniques like muscle testing, dowsing and pendulum to discern the truth regarding your own optimal health, mindset, energies and even your best spiritual path? Learn to clear your negative energy and create a healthy, vibrant and amazing life.

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Finding a Balance

Each layer is cleared to get the best results before moving on to the next one. The benefits of balancing your health and connecting more with your body, can be helpful in strengthening your mindset. Having a balanced mindset can help connect you to your intuition and allow you to master your internal energy. Balancing your inner energies can help you find your spirituality and inner peace… and finally, I will balance the mind, heart and gut with the forgiveness, knowledge, trust and sexual energy centers.

Session with Dave K

Hi, I”m 64 and I live in Berkeley, California. I have been practicing energy healing work for over 9 years. I am certified in both Emotion Code and Body Code. The sessions I offer include experience from all the methods I use.

Quantum Matrix Code session $77 for up to 2 hours.

The Quantum Field

In the other healing methods I was able to release many energies on a physical and emotional level. Some methods even clear the mind levels and may connect with the super consciousness to clear on a very high level. However, the energy would return after a time and need to be cleared again. Once the energy is cleared in the Quantum Field, Higher Self, Gut level and up to the Soul level, it is permanent and completely clears all the lower levels.

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Contact me to set up a session and let’s clear out any negative energy. 

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